Liv Rygh , Bak Horisonter


• Application fee: (NOK 300)
 All our courses have a mandatory application fee. The application will not be registered unless the application fee has been paid. The fee is non-refundable.

• Course fee: NOK 4900, plus the application fee. Full course price is NOK 13300. Valdres Sommersymfoni supports all ordinary participants with the remaining amount. All fees must be paid in full before the course starts.


• Family discount: NOK 500 starting from the second student within the same family.

• Valdresstrykerne: Discount NOK 1000, regardless of where the student boards.

• Discount for other non-boarding students: NOK 500.


*Accompanying parent, sibling etc: NOK 3800.

• Electives: NOK 1000 where Electives are optional.